Ninyes Re.wear™ allows you to recycle your used clothes, accessories and bags. We will find a new happy user for your clothes, and in return you will get a gift card to our partner store. Your gift card will be sent to you as soon as your delivery has been handled - you don't need to wait until your clothes are sold.


A: Aarrelabel, Alpa, Armedangels
B: Basic Apparel, Blaa, Bobo Choses
D: Dedicated
E: Ecoalf
G: Globe Hope
H: Huxbaby
J: Joha
K: Kaiko, Kivat, Knowledge Cotton, Konges Sløjd
M: Mainio, Metsola, Miam, Mini A Ture, Mini Rodini, Molo, Monkind, Morico, Müsli
N: Nakoa, Nudie Jeans
P: Papu, Patagonia
R: Residus 
S: Serendipity Organics
U: Uhana
T: The Simple Folk
V: Vimma, Veja
Y: Yo Zen
Once your delivery to has has been received and handled, you will get a gift card to the store of your choice. You can also choose to split the gift card to several stores.
You can choose to have your gift card to following stores.
Blaa, Globe Hope, Kaiko, Kivat, Mainio, Metsola, Miam, Morico, Papu, Yo Zen, Ninyes

Your gift card value is 50% or 70% of the estimated sales price of your clothes at Ninyes. For items valued at 70€ or more, the gift card value is 70%. For other items the value is 50%.

It only takes 2 weeks on average to get your gift card. You don’t have to wait for the clothes to be listed or sold. Ninyes is a super easy, super fast and super sustainable way to recycle your clothes.

Read more about how we work below, fill out the Re.wear form and we will take care of everything else.
re.wear form

Make 2nd hand an integrated part of your sustainability strategy.

Ninyes offers a Re.wear program for sustainable fashion brands and manages an online store for sustainably made 2nd hand fashion.

With the Ninyes Re.wear program you can make 2nd hand part of your developing sustainability strategy and generate new revenue from the ever growing 2nd hand market. And without extra investments or resources.

The Re.wear model is a turnkey solution which contains:

  • Take back system for the brand’s 2nd hand clothes and related accessories

  • Logistics, handling, selling and marketing of the 2nd hand items

  • A gift card for each returned garment to the consumer

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Why Should You Join?

An even stronger sustainability message

Something that consumers are now starting to look at

A strong message about a holistic view on sustainability: We are not just concerned about the sustainability of our garments as new but also what happens to them after they are used

New business and new clients

New revenues from the growing 2nd hand market

Consumers find new brands by shopping 2nd hand

Consumers are expecting a better and more fluent user experience for 2nd hand (as opposed to Facebook and old thrift strores)

43% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that lets them trade in old clothes

Customer loyalty

The perceived value of used garments and the easiness of getting rid of them encourages consumers to buy sustainable and quality brands as new

Rewarding customers with a take-back program

Keeping the customers as they buy new with the gift cards they earn from re.wear

Last but not least, inspiring your customers to recycle


The Re.wear model is a tried and tested system and has been running since early 2021. It includes all the features needed for running a modern and beneficial 2nd Hand business along side the new clothes. Please learn more by getting in touch with our CEO Elina or fill out our contact form.


Gently worn clothes, accessories, bags and home textiles that are in our brand list. Clothes need to be in good condition, clean and have the brand label remaining. We take in clothes from the following brands:

Aarrelabel, Alpa, Armedangels, Basic Apparel, Blaa, Bobo Choses, Ecoalf, Globe Hope, Huxbaby, Jamie Kay, Joha, Kaiko, Kivat, Knowledge Cotton, Konges Sløjd, Libertine Libertine, Mainio, Metsola, Miam, Mini A Ture, Mini Rodini, Molo, Monkind, Morico, Müsli, Nakoa, Norse projects, Nudie Jeans, Papu, Patagonia, Planet Nusa, Residus, Serendipity Organics, Uhana, The Simple Folk, Vimma, Veja, Yo Zen.


Dirty, stained, broken, clearly faded or discolored clothes. Clothes with animal hair or strong fragrance. Samples, factory seconds or clothes with cut brand tags.

We do not take back hygiene products or small accessories, including underwear and socks, ear rings and hair accessories. Clothes need to have a minimum of 10€ re-sale value.

The value of the gift card is 50% or 70% of the estimated selling price of the product / products to be returned. The selling price we estimate depends always on the condition, season and demand of each individual piece.

All products under 70€ will be refunded 50% and products that are 70€ or more, will be refunded 70%. Shipping costs 4,90€ / shipment and handling costs 1€ / product are deducted from the gift card value. If you bring your clothes to our store, shipping is free.

  • When the estimated selling price of the product is less than 70€, you get a 50% refund.
  • When the estimated selling price of the product is 70€ or more, you get a 70% refund


  • You return a shirt that we price at 40€ at, the value of the gift card will be 19€. 
  • OR if you return a jacket that we price at 80€, the value of the gift card will be 55€.

You can choose to which of your partner stores you would like to get your gift card. The only rule is that you need to return at least one item from that store. If you choose several stores, the value will be split even between them.

When we have received and checked your clothes, you will receive an email confirmation including the gift card value. You have three days to accept the gift card value, and after that you will get the gift card to your email.

The gift cards are valid for 3 months after issuing. You can find examples of sales prices from by searching and filtering the clothes in order to match the ones you are thinking of recycling. Note that the actual price you will get depends always on the condition, season and demand of each piece.


You can find our selection of second hand clothes from Ninyes online store.

Ninyes Re.wear program is currently only available in Finland.

Carefully pack the products in a durable shipping bag or box - we will not credit products lost or damaged in shipment. Include your name and phone number in your package, and fill out our re.wear form before shipping.

You will get an email once your shipment has been handled with the gift card value. If you do not reply within 3 days, the value is automatically accepted. Gift cards will be delivered to the e-mail address you have filled in the Re.wear form, and they are valid for 3 months. Please note the restrictions on the use of gift cards: Papu's gift card does not work in Papu's separate Outlet online store, and Kaiko's gift card can only be used for normal-priced products.

Our goal is for all clothing to have a new user. However, Ninyes reserves the right to unilaterally decide that the product does not meet the above instructions and is not marketable. In this case, the customer has the opportunity to obtain these products back against a € 4.90 shipping cost (Finland only).

Leaving a valid contact information is important. We need at least your name, phone number and email address. Neither Ninyes nor our partners will be liable for any costs or inconvenience if the customer has provided incorrect or incomplete contact information, does not read the messages we send or does not respond to them. We are not responsible for or make refunds for deliveries that do not include the customer's name and contact information. We only process deliveries where the Re.wear form has been completed and the terms of sale have been accepted.

Thank you and happy recycling!