Make 2nd hand an integrated part of your sustainability strategy.

Ninyes offers a Re.wear program for sustainable fashion brands and manages an online store for sustainably made 2nd hand fashion.

With the Ninyes Re.wear program you can make 2nd hand part of your developing sustainability strategy and generate new revenue from the ever growing 2nd hand market. And without extra investments or resources.

The Re.wear model is a turnkey solution which contains:

  • Take back system for the brand’s 2nd hand clothes and related accessories

  • Logistics, handling, selling and marketing of the 2nd hand items

  • A gift card for each returned garment to the consumer

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Why Should You Join?

An even stronger sustainability message

Something that consumers are now starting to look at

A strong message about a holistic view on sustainability: We are not just concerned about the sustainability of our garments as new but also what happens to them after they are used

New business and new clients

New revenues from the growing 2nd hand market

Consumers find new brands by shopping 2nd hand

Consumers are expecting a better and more fluent user experience for 2nd hand (as opposed to Facebook and old thrift strores)

43% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that lets them trade in old clothes

Customer loyalty

The perceived value of used garments and the easiness of getting rid of them encourages consumers to buy sustainable and quality brands as new

Rewarding customers with a take-back program

Keeping the customers as they buy new with the gift cards they earn from re.wear

Last but not least, inspiring your customers to recycle


The Re.wear model is a tried and tested system and has been running since early 2021. It includes all the features needed for running a modern and beneficial 2nd Hand business along side the new clothes. Please learn more by getting in touch with our CEO Elina or fill out our contact form.