This Is Ninyes

Ninyes sells pre-worn, sustainably produced fashion.

At Ninyes you buy fashion for a very small price. It is just as good as new but the planet doesn't pay a price. When buying recycled fashion, this is how it saves:

  • 82,5% less CO2
  • 87,6% less energy
  • 98,5% less water
  • 50% less price for you (on the average)
  • But just as much fun when buying and wearing


Ninyes only sells pre-worn fashion from brands we work with. All these brands have high standards in sustainability and they are committed in doing even more. You can recycle your used clothes with these brands by using our Re-wear program. For each recycled garment you receive, immediately after we have received and handled the piece, a gift card either to the stores of these brands or to Ninyes.

Super easy, super quick and super sustainable.

Read more about Re.wear.

This Thing Called Sustainability

We are doing everything we can to care about our planet and its future. We only sell pre-worn fashion, we only sell from brands we believe are forerunners in sustainability and we over compensate all the CO2 emissions that our own operations generate.

Read more about our sustainability.

We Are

The Ninyes Team is: Co-founder and CEO Elina, Mikko (Head of brand & marketing), Anne (head of partnerships), Moona, Charlotta and Maria (online producers), Jonatan & Laura (Visual Merchandisers) plus of course Kookos & Papaya (office dogs). We are now looking for all kinds of help, such as trainees, influencers, a CFO and, in order to hasten our growth, private investors. If you’re interested, please be in touch with Elina at elina(at)