Ninyes collaborates with selected brands to offer you a collection of quality second hand clothing and accessories. And you can quickly and easily recycle used treasures from your wardrobe.



From: Berlin, Germany | Made in: Germany

Scilla is a Ninyes Re.wear partner, meaning that you can return your used Scilla items and get a gift card in return.

Scilla creates handmade sustainable leather bags and accessories in Berlin. The company believes that the most sustainable way to consume is to extend the lifespan their products. Magdalena Wolf from Freiburg, Germany is both the founder and the creative mind behind the label. Scilla’s goal is to design modern and timeless products that meet both ecological and aesthetic standards.

The design process and the entire production take place by hand at the Scilla Studio in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Scilla produces in small series and on demand.

Scilla products are made from cowhide, a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry. All bags and accessories from Scilla are crafted from vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is more environmentally friendly than other types of leather, as it is particularly durable and produced without harmful chemicals. At Scilla, work is done according to the Zero Waste principle with minimal waste. Remnants are transformed into small accessories. Designed, made, and hand-sewn in Berlin.

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