A few words on sustainability


Our goal is to make recycling secondhand clothing as easy and profitable as possible and, on the other hand, make buying them as easy and fun as buying new ones. The easiest way to influence the sustainability of your own wardrobe is to use clothes for as long as possible and, if there are items left unused, recycle them as soon as possible.


Buying and consuming new products is always a less environmentally friendly solution than recycled products. New products, regardless of how sustainably they are produced, always consume natural resources and, in many cases, particularly in fast fashion, exploit the people who produce them. A good rule of thumb is that the cheaper the new product is, the more nature and people are exploited - in one way or another.

The average consumer now buys 60% more clothes than 15 years ago and keeps each product half as long. Most old clothes now end up in the trash, burned or taken to African landfills. Only 12% of clothes are recycled.



According to studies, about half of the clothes in Nordic wardrobes are either completely or very lightly used. The higher the utilization rate of a garment, the more responsible it becomes.

Recycling clothes extends their lifespan by an average of 2.2 years and reduces their combined carbon, waste and water footprint by 73%.


At Ninyes, you can recycle and buy products only from brands that produce high-quality, durable, and responsibly-made clothing, and who continuously improve their sustainability efforts. When selecting brands for our assortment, we specifically evaluate these aspects:

1) Materials

At least 75% of textile products are made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, Tencel, recycled materials, surplus textiles, or mulesing-free wool. Alternatively, the designed lifespan of outdoor clothing is at least 5 years. 

2) Production

At least 75% of the collection is produced in low-risk countries (such as the EU) or factories with GOTS certification or equivalent living wage programs.

3) Sustainability development

All brands we approve also have the goal of further developing their own sustainability efforts.


Saving our planet is a huge task and Ninyes is only a small player in this. Nonetheless, we are proud of this little company. We want to grow, become a bigger player, and constantly learn and hear about new ideas and thoughts. So, feel free to contact us if you have something on your mind or want to ask something.